tisdag 1 augusti 2017

A Calm Summer Night

The Finnish summer makes you wanna stay up all night – every night. That's why Finns sleep way too few hours in the summer. After sunset the sky is orange/pink/blue/yellow for hours until the sun rises again a few hours later.
We are now going towards darker times and there's an end to everything – even the light nights. With a clear sky there is no total darkness at night until mid August where I live.
These photos were taken on 29 July at the darkest point of the night. It was calm and quiet and stunningly beautiful. If you ever visit Finland at summer, be sure to stay up until sunrise at least once!

I started out at the beach pointing my camera to the north.

Pointing my camera in the opposite direction. The clouds had a very different color in the south. 
I moved from the sea to the open fields and took a self portrait leaning against my car.

I found this small road going through the fields of barley. Yes, just like in the Sting song Fields of Gold. Although these are still green. I'll revisit this place when they are yellow.

At 02:20 I took my last photo before going home to get some sleep. There are lots of abandoned old wooden houses here.

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